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How we brought Ronaldinho closer to his fans

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Revealing the process behind the first Jet Media Network success story

We launched our first official icon app in November 2021 with a true legend of sport - the one and only Ronaldinho.

The Brazilian superstar and World Cup winner spreads happiness wherever he goes and he has been a joy to work with, from our launch shoot in Italy to memorable events as far afield as Tel Aviv and Atlanta.

The process of building an app is complex, but with the right team and a clear vision, the end result can be truly amazing.

Here's how we brought Ronaldinho closer to his fans:

1. Understanding Ronaldinho's vision

The first step was to understand Ronaldinho's vision for the app and what he wanted to achieve with it.

We took plenty of time to sit down with him and really understand his goals for the project, which included creating a platform for him to connect with his fans and share exclusive content. We also discussed the benefits that having his own app would bring to him and his brand.

2. Research, design and development

Once we had a clear understanding of Ronaldinho's vision, we got to work on the design and development of the app and moved on to the research phase of the project.

This included looking at the current market and identifying key audiences, as well as understanding user needs and preferences.

We also conducted user testing to validate our assumptions about the app's design and features. We wanted to make sure that the app was not only visually stunning but also user-friendly and easy to navigate.

3. Authenticity and tone of voice

We worked closely with Ronaldinho to ensure that the app reflected his personal style and taste, while also incorporating all of the features he wanted.

The end result was a beautifully designed, feature-rich mobile app that allows Ronaldinho to connect with his fans in a whole new way.

He can now share exclusive content, such as videos, photos and updates, directly with his fans through the app.

He also has the ability to engage with his fans through interactive polls, live Q&A sessions and much more

4. Personal brand and revenue streams

We are thrilled with the success of the app and the positive feedback we've received from both Ronaldinho and his fans.

But the benefits of creating his own app go beyond just connecting with his fans. It also allows him to have direct control over his personal brand and the content shared, as well as open up new revenue streams through in-app purchases and sponsored content.

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