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Nostalgia and now: How we covered the World Cup

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Chris Harris on our global and local approach to delivering compelling World Cup content

Speaking ahead of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Chris Harris explained why it was such a special year for the country that is home to JMN icon Ronaldinho and one of our largest fanbases - Brazil.

"Anyone who knows Brazilian football or Brazilian football fans knows that 2022 is a very special year," said our Head of Content.

"Nothing unites that country like a World Cup and 2022 represents both the 20th anniversary of the Seleçao's last triumph AND a chance for Brazil to win a record sixth title in Qatar.

"Since we launched the official Ronaldinho app last November it's been fascinating to watch it evolve into a home for fans of ALL Brazilian football as well as the great man himself.

"We've responded to the app's evolution and the appetite for World Cup content by creating podcasts that cover both nostalgia and now, and feature exclusive interviews with Roberto Carlos as well as Ronaldinho.

"First, a celebration of the 2002 World Cup - where Ronaldinho announced himself on a global stage and Ronaldo's redemption helped Brazil overcome their chaotic preparations.

"Second, a preview of the 2022 tournament - with a special focus on Neymar and Vinicius Junior, two huge talents at opposite ends of their international careers."

Chris added: "The challenge for us was to deliver content that appeals to our large Brazilian audience but also our global audience. So instead of pretending that one size fits all we made TWO versions of each podcast - one in Brazilian-Portuguese and one in English.

"That allowed us to cover issues that chimed specifically with Brazilian listeners and other themes that consider the World Cup from a broader perspective.

"To supplement those big-name interviews we gathered some of the brightest minds in Brazilian football - Leonardo Bertozzi, Caio Carrieri and Rupert Fryer - as well as outstanding hosts in Marcus Speller and Raisa Simplicio.

"Thanks to them we now know a LOT more about Brazil and its obsession with the World Cup. Just in time to make the official Ronaldinho app one of the best places to be when it all kicks off in Qatar in November."

Listen: Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos remember the 2002 World Cup

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