ronaldinho the magician

On March 21 1980 the world's finest player Ronaldo de Assis Moreira was born in the far from salubrious surrounds of Porte Alegre, Brazil.

Later, so as to distinguish himself from another current Brazilian great Ronaldo, he was bestowed the title Ronaldinho, which, whisper it quietly, translates as 'Little Ronaldo'.

To watch Ronaldinho is to watch the supreme master craftsman, an artist who persistently invents new ways of playing the beautiful game. He is a player that leaves not just supporters staggered by the subtlety of his skills but also his peers; a remarkable feat achieved by only the very best.


major trophies won


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FIFA player of the year



the first Barcelona player since Diego Maradona to be applauded at the Bernabeu during the classico in 2005​

Ronaldinho’s 2005 Nike advertisement went viral on YouTube, becoming the site’s first video to reach one million views​
endorsements have included Nike, Pepsi, ​Coca-Cola, EA Sports and Gatorade​

despite retiring in 2018, Ronaldinho gained over 2.5 million new followers across his​ social media  platforms ​